Recovery Coaching is a recognized profession in the field of addiction recovery. Coaches help clients identify their strengths as well as help them identify and remove barriers that stand between the client and their recovery.

stretchingRecovery Coaches work one on one with the individual helping to identify their personal goals and developing an "Action Plan" for success. Together they work as a partnership to reach these goals and to establish new ones if the recovering individual desires. We work with the individual in the here and now.

Recovery Coaches focus on personal and professional success for the recovering individual. There is a strong focus on physical, spiritual, social and intellectual growth and balance.

Being based in Delray Beach, Florida, offers a unique perspective to the plight of the individual new to recovery  from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Often referred to as the "Recovery Capital of America" Delray Beach affords the person new to recovery the many resourses necessary for a strong foundation in their new journey. As a Recovery Coach, I help the individuals being coached find these resourses and utilize them because their lives depend on change.   

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